Staff & Leadership

David Buerk

Building Manager

David Buerk, Building Manager, has worked at Luther Memorial for six years. He is a native of Erie, where he graduated from Tech Memorial High School. He owns Buerk Construction, a remodeling and building contractor. At Luther Memorial, his part-time work includes taking care of our sprawling physical plant, making sure things get repaired or replaced just before they break and saving the church from incurring considerable expense using outside contractors.

Outside Luther Memorial, David enjoys playing cards, swimming, and fine woodworking.


Church Council

Les Fobes - President;  John Bartlett - Vice President;   Mark Lechner- Secretary;   Greg Kern - Treasurer;   Dorothy Overberg - Assistant Treasurer

John Bartlett;  Vicky Blasco;  Ann Flick;  Mark Howell;  Joe Helm;  David Griswold; Jack Tell

Ken Kraut;  Michael Snider;  Pat Young;  Emma Chaffee,  Stan Rose;  Pastor Bill Coleman


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