Visitor's Information

Words of Welcome

Although you will find many photos and descriptions of our building on this website, that's not the best picture of who we are. We are a welcoming community anxious to share our blessing with others who want or need them. We are one of the largest Lutheran churches in the region, known for excellent music, meaningful worship, strong outreach and a strong feeling of community. As a member of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, we welcome all people who believe in Jesus’ command to love our neighbor as ourselves. We believe that Christ lives in the heart of every person and his grace comes to us as a free gift. If you are not a regular church person or perhaps seeking spiritual grounding, please know that asking for guidance is a sign of strength. Whether you're looking for someone to talk to, searching for more meaning in daily life or seeking ways to bring your family closer together, we can walk with you on your journey.

Sunday Service Hours

8:15 am Worship ~ Main Church 

10:30 am Worship ~ Main Church (with Children’s Church and Nursery)  (Service will be live streamed;

September through May

Sunday School ~ Prek  - Grade 6 gathers the second Sunday of each month September - May.

Confirmation ~ grades 7-9 Meeting the third Sunday of each month from 9:30-10:15am.

Monthly Sunday Fellowship Events

11:30 am Youth Soup Sale (3rd Sunday each month)

Health Ministry Blood Screenings (3rd Sunday each month)

The people of Luther Memorial Church are very blessed when people are moved by the Holy Spirit to become a part of this community of faith.  Membership is a way to express a relationship that is rooted in Christ as expressed through this community, and yet, far too often, membership is seen as something exclusive rather than something inclusive. But the people of Luther Memorial understand themselves first as disciples of Jesus Christ who happen to be members of Luther Memorial Church.

The word disciple means “one who follows”.  We follow the pattern of Jesus’ life, a life of service, of giving, of generosity, and of love.  We pray that if God calls you to be a part of this community you will recognize yourself as a disciple of Jesus who is willing to share your time, talents and treasures.  Without everyone fully participating in the life of this congregation, the mission of this church is not everything it can be.  We warmly welcome you into the fellowship of this ministry.

What are some steps to get more information about this ministry or have a faith conversation?

First, come to worship on Sunday morning.  You can view the video above to get a feel for space and how to enter the building.  We hope you feel welcome, but not overwhelmed either. 

Second, fill out a Sunday Insert form as found in the bulletin with your name, address, and phone number as a way to introduce yourself.  As the offering plate comes around, just place your completed card in the offering plate.  We will send you some information about Luther Memorial in the mail and will follow up with a “hello” phone call.

Third, We would love to meet with you for conversation over a cup of coffee.  Feel free to ask any questions.  We are here to walk with you on your faith journey.  We are not here to make you a member of the congregation (although that would be a blessing), but here to allow you to worship God and share your talents and gifts for the sake of the Gospel to make this world a better place.

Fourth, continue to check this website for updated information about this ministry.  Hopefully, this website will provide you with a window into this place so it will not be as difficult for you to gather within this community of faith.