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Miriam  Scheid

Miriam Scheid

Parish Manager
P: 814-454-0106 ext 225

Miriam Scheid has been the Parish Manager of Luther Memorial Church since October 2007. Miriam grew up in Orlando, Florida and moved to Erie in 1989 when she married Jeffrey Scheid. She has three adult children, Ashley, Joshua and Cassia. Before working for Luther Memorial, Miriam worked as a travel agent and accounting manager at North Coast Travel.

Miriam and her husband have been active members of their church, Church of Mt. Zion, for over twenty years. Miriam served missionaries as a travel agent and helped churches with their missions programs for almost fourteen years. Miriam enjoys accounting and is grateful to use these skills helping others, and in the service of our Lord.

Miriam enjoys visiting her son-in-law and daughter in Virginia, where they serve in the ministry and spending time with her family. Miriam also enjoys the beach, kayaking, and loves to travel.


Church Council

Les Fobes - President;  Michael Snider - Vice President;   Emma Chaffee - Secretary;   Greg Kern - Treasurer;   Ann Flick - Assistant Treasurer

John Bartlett; Pat Bellingham; David Griswold; Mark Howell; Bill Lasher;  David Griswold; Otto 'Skip' Meyn; Natalie Montero; Betty Pletz; Stan Rose; Liz Stroup; Jeff Swanson